Sunday, June 21, 2009

Roller-coaster first week

It's just been a week into our launching and we are all fired up by the response!

We've made 3 successful deliveries to date with # 4 due later this evening and we have a few more to go! To all our friends, thanks for the support and here's a special shoutout to T* for the marketing, we owe you one! :)

We must say that it was a lil nerve-wrecking to meet our first order. We were all gung-ho to ensure it was mind blowing. Check out the durians we used for this batch.


However when morning came (6 a.m.!!) and we were set to start decorating the cake, we had a bit of a nasty shock! It just a tad too soft to hold up on it's own! Bummer ~

After contemplating between proceeding with the less than 200% perfect cake as opposed to backing out of our first order, we decided we wouldn't deliver on a cake that was not up to mark.

We bit the bullet and told our first customer, AD the unfortunate situation and if we could make the delivery the next day. She agreed and here's thanking AD for being an absolute sweetheart~

That night both J & C brain-stormed for a bit. We broke some sweat trying to refine our recipe and realised this would probably make or break the entire dream.

When morning came(6a.m. again!), it was the moment of truth. Were we as good as we thought or were we just lucky the first time around? We removed the pan and voila, the cake looked fabulous!! We made it! Check out the picture below:

Botak cake :p

Confidence back and over the top excited that the delivery would be a success, we got to decorating and perfecting our very first order. Pictures below to show the transformation of our naked cake to sum hot stuff!

The plain ol' durian cheesie

Putting some nice toasted almonds as a finishing touch~

A top view of the decorated cake

And voila! The infamous CheeseTease Durian Cheesecake!

Delivery 1 was a success and it also resulted in Delivery 3 (which was just completed 30 mins ago~).

After some thought we decided to change our topping to some shaved white chocolate and lovely Beryl's Dark Choc bits. We think it goes better with the cake and also its kinda hard to find sweet strawberries here.

I must say I like this better! Like snowflakes!

So anyway, keep 'em coming folks, J and myself are off to scout for some drop-dead-lovely durian now for our upcoming orders~

Oh, breaking news! We're on Google! :D Search for the keywords "cheesetease" + "durian" and ta-daaaa!

Btw, Happy Father's Day to all dads out there!


  1. wow nice cake!
    i love durian! =D
    and cheese too!

  2. lol, u shud give it a try :)
    am abs positive you wont regret it from all the feedback thus far ;)