Monday, June 29, 2009

Kookies n' Kreme

Hey hey people!

We’ve been experimenting with some new recipes in our lil’ kitchen for the past few days and we present to you…

CheeseTease - Kookies n' Kreme Yummie!

This is our take on the people’s favourite, traditional Oreo cheesecake. Made of nice crunchy Oreo biscuits on the base and a nice sprinkle of crumbs on top, it’s perfect for Oreo lovers everywhere. We kind of named it after a friend of ours who happens to be our first customer for this cake. :) She’s a real big fan of Oreo cookies. You can access her blog at GoingKookies which contains a review of the cake as well.

We’ve got another durian cake for her in the works and she says she’ll be posting up a review too so do tune in to our blogs for updates!!!

Btw, this was in no way intended to coincide with the untimely demise of MJ, yknow, the whole black and white thing. However, due to C being a huge huge fan of the King, here's to MJ!

Before we go here's another pic for your enjoyment.

~The CheeseTease Team~

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