Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Durian Partayyyy!!

Last Thursday we had a durian cake party hosted by a friend of ours featuring 2 of CheeseTease’s lovely creations, the durian cheesecake. Yeah 2 cakes because there were 20+ ppl attending! That’s about the biggest turnout of people we’ve had at a single tasting.

The night started off with some calorie burning exercise at the pool before the group adjourned back to the condo to savour the cakes. The verdict? Well, the cakes were well received by everyone. We got thumbs up all around and one guy even asked if we owned a bakery! We’ve got a winner folks! :)

Big shoutout to EJ for organizing the durian cake party. Here’s a pic of the happy bunch of newly converted durian cheesecake lovers. Thanks guys!

Say Cheese! (cheesy i know :p)

~The CheeseTease Team~

Update : Due to popular request EJ hosted another durian cake party the following Tuesday. :) :)

Plug : EJ is having a month long swimming lesson charity drive to raise funds for a needy organization. If anyone is interested to sign up or suggest a charity to donate to please contact 016-3533555 for details.


  1. Hey Thanks for the support on promoting the swimiming lesson for charity! The 2nd Durian Cheese cake party wasn't attended by many people (only 8ppl) but we manage to finish it! love the cake.... guess i'll be having casual cake eating session as habit now. Thanks for the wonderful cake. Next stop... cookies & cream.